Elf Days 2014

This is our third year of visits with Mike, our Elf on the Shelf. While it is a challenge, at times, to keep creating new ideas, it remains a fun holiday tradition.

If you have missed out on the previous years Mike's visits, you can check them out here -- Elf Days 2012 and Elf Days 2013.

Hope you enjoy this year's photos! I tried to keep them simple, yet creative. Please comment below about your favorites. Please feel free to pin your favorites to Pinterest, as well as following my Elf on the Shelf board. Thanks!

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Day 1: Arrival by Balloon Ride

Day 2: Lego Christmas Tree

Day 3: Oh no, Mr. Snowman!

Day 4: Classic Sack Race

Day 5: Ariel, How I Love Thee

Day 6: Always Watching

Day 8: Phon-to Booth

Day 9: Bathroom Bownanza

Day 10: DIY Gingerbread House

Day 11: Mike's Self Portrait

Day 12: Sewing Gone Wrong

Day 13: Candleholder Elf

Day 14: Tree Topper

Day 15: Reading Moms' Night Out

Day 16: Hiding Out Eating Chocolate

Day 17: Keepin' It Under Cover

Day 18:  Doing Laundry

Day 19: Hanging in there!

Day 20: Yummy Marshmallow Necklace

Day 21:  Peek-a-Shoe! I See You!

Day 22: Locking Out Cookie Monster

Day 23: Time for a Road Trip to Grandma's

Day 24: Snuggled in the Bed on Christmas Eve

Day 25: Christmas Morning -- Mike Prepared Breakfast

Hope you enjoyed all the Elf Days for 2014!
Please check back with us next year as we continue our fun with Mike.
We have a surprise waiting, which will be extra fun for Elf Days 2015!

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