Elf Days 2013

Mike is back and ready for more antics. Every day from December 1st through the 24th will be posted here. Please feel free to share and pin to your favorites!

Day 1:
We had some lights go out on our tree so Mike wanted to help add new ones.

Day 2:
Everybody needs a mustache! Ha, ha!

Day 3:
Mike is trying on the new stocking my daughter made for him.

Day 4:
Who's that hiding in our Christmas wreath in the kitchen?

Day 5:
Mike is showing us his acrobatic skills.

Day 6:
Ahhh! Let's take a nice, relaxing bath to unwind after a trip to the North Pole!

Day 7:
Since there's no snow in South Carolina, Mike had to improvise.

Day 8:
Oh, look who's joined Mike for breakfast! I guess he prefers brunettes!

Day 9:
Mike gets a little carried away with the toilet paper!

Day 10:
Ridin' the puppy! Yahoo!

Day 11:
Mike's waiting on a fresh cup of coffee.

Day 12:
It's a little bit chilly in there, but at least he's got a blanket.

Day 13:
Looks like Mike has taken over the remote control!

Day 14:
Yep! There's plenty of room for goodies on Christmas Eve.

Day 15:
Mike settles in a cozy spot with his reindeer friends.

Day 16:
Going out for a night on the town wearing the very best!

Day 17:
Kickin' back with the guys playing Zingo.

Day 18:
Mike's bright idea of hanging on the fixture above the sink lit up the room with smiles!

Day 19:
While verifying whether or not Santa would easily slide down the chimney, something went terribly wrong!

Day 20:
Mike found one of his favorite pictures of the kids.

Day 21:
Um...Mike? That's not real snow! Can you breathe in there?

Day 22:
Don't fret, Mike will play us some sweet tunes.

Day 23:
Who wants to make some cookies? This guy does!

Day 24:
We hate to see you go, but we know you will return next year!
Merry Christmas, Mike!

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