DIY: 43-Mile Dressing Table Makeover

April 14, 2015

While on a 43-mile yard sale adventure last fall, I found this little gem. After being left out to be weathered, it was unwanted, barely hanging on, and didn't have all the pieces. Knowing it could become fabulous after some tender loving care, I hauled it home for only ten dollars! See what it took to get it back into shape, and what it looks like now.

When I got the dressing table into the workshop, I discovered that the drawers were full of random items including magazines and papers. For a moment, I wondered if I would hit the jackpot by revealing a long-forgotten stash of valuables. Well, no such luck! Maybe next time. After removing the drawers, hardware, and mirror frame, I wiped it down and sanded it completely to remove cup rings, gouges, and mildew.

Now, the task was to decide how to finish the project. This is the part where I see others post their projects on social media, and it ignites a fire storm of those FOR or AGAINST painting wood. 

Well, I have this weird thing about old furniture -- it needs to tell me what it wants. I took some time considering options. Do I stain it? It said no. Do I paint it a fun, spunky color? It said no. How about a clean, bright white? It said yes, so I painted it white.

White paint gave the dressing table new life. It was as if it said, "Ahh, that's better. Thank you!" I scrubbed the hardware and sprayed it with a brushed aluminum color to keep it rustic, but updated.

I already knew the anticipated location of the finished piece -- my daughter's room. We were in the process of painting and redecorating, and the addition was a fabulous touch for our fashionable, horse-riding young lady. Since the dressing table did not have a mirror, I decided to remove the large mirror from my daughter's dresser and attach it. The width of the mirror matched the width of the dressing table. To soften the edges, and make it more girly, I added two boas I purchased from our local craft store. They can be removed later, since they are attached with clear hooks like these.

Now that we're done with my daughter's bedroom, the dressing table has been placed in its new home. It looks absolutely wonderful, adorned with cute accessories conveniently located for my tween to prepare for the day.

If you are planning a furniture makeover, do what your heart (or your furniture, lol) tells you. There are people who love stained furniture and those who love painted furniture. Do what makes YOU happy and what will work for your space. Please feel free to comment below with a link to your project. I'd love to see it!

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