DIY: How to Stop Laundering Money

March 31, 2015

Oh, the humanity! You know you can get in trouble for laundering money, right? I'll admit, I used to launder money all the time, but I found a clever way to stop it. Come along with me as I show you how to "spare" yourself jail time with this Spare Change Holder for your laundry room.

This project is where you can merge the top two DIY, Pinterest-worthy elements together: pallets and canning jars. For this project, you'll need two wood pieces (one smaller, one larger), a few screws or nails, and a canning jar with lid. I used a Heritage Collection green canning jar like these. The tool list may vary depending on what you have at home. Feel free to modify the design to suit your ability and preferences.

The toughest part of this project is cutting a change slot in the smaller piece of wood. There are a couple of options:
  1. Use a dremel-type tool to plunge cut a slot, or
  2. Drill a hole, then cut the reset of the opening with a jigsaw
Once the two wood pieces have been screwed together, and the jar lid was attached, I spray painted the entire holder green. The paint was FREE because it was leftover from another project. I dressed up my Spare Change Holder by adding little vines, flowers, and other ornamentation with a permanent marker. Since most of this project came from items I already had, my only cost was in the jar. This simple project will make laundering money a thing of the past!

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