Quick Tip: Less Stress with Jar Meals

February 10, 2015

Jar meals can be a real time saver for busy families. But prepping multiple jars simultaneously can be rather messy without the proper tools. This tip makes cleaning up less stressful.

Recently, a few moms and I got together to make jar meals for our families. Naturally, we wanted to test a small batch of the final product before getting started. On the menu was chicken with broccoli and rice. Using products from Thrive, we stacked layers of ingredients into our jars. Immediately, I discovered my tendency to spill, making quite a mess on the table. Trying to improve my skills, I brought out my funnel. Guess what I found out? Yep, the hole's too small!

So, my second attempt resulted in success when I took a plastic cup and cut off the bottom. I used it as a makeshirt funnel, which obviously had a much larger hole than the previous one. This made the process of filling the jar much more simple.

Voila -- my completed jar meal! Oh, by the way, it was delicious. If you give a jar meal as a gift, you can dress it up with a small cut of fun, happy fabric as shown in the picture above. This quick tip will make clean up a breeze!

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