Cozy Coffee Stations

February 24, 2015

Coffee, java, joe, mud, liquid energy, high octane... Whatever your choice term is for that hot, steamy drink that gets you going in the morning, you deserve a place in the kitchen dedicated to your favorite beverage. I was inspired by an old pallet and a repurposed dresser to create the perfect space. Let's drop in to see how others enjoy their morning brew.

For quick reminders, inspirational messages, or just doodling, this coffee station with chalkboard wall is functional and fun. (From Farm Fresh Vintage Finds)

This warm and cozy coffee station is welcoming with the deep brown furniture remake, along with subtle green and rustic red accessories.

What do you get when you mix an old screen door with an old cabinet, and then add a table top? This fabulous shabby chic, monochromatic delight from One More Time Events. Want another idea using a cabinet like this one? Take a look below...

If you can believe it, this is the "before" of the previous coffee station! This was fabulous as well, in more rustic tones. Before the screen door was attached, a cute hutch sat atop the cabinet.

This coffee station shows an amazing use of color to brighten the space. The accessorized multipurpose rack mounted to the wall is functional yet decorative. (From Like A Saturday)

An old baker's rack was brought back to life and definitely makes a statement in the room. It shows off a new use for an old vintage sign, as well as providing a space to fill up your cup. (From Repurposed Life)

No room for a free standing coffee station? Here's a great idea for the countertop using a tray to contain the essentials. Simply repurpose a serving tray you already have, or make one yourself. (From Liz Marie Blog)

This is the coffee station from my kitchen. I cut down an old pallet to the size I needed and added some hooks. The spaces between the slats work perfectly to hold K-Cups in place. I plan to modify the cabinet in the near future to give it a little more character, but it works well for now.

To see more of my favorite picks for fabulous coffee stations, please stop by my Coffee Stations Hometalk board. For everything coffee, please stop by my Coffee Talk Pinterest board. Have a Keurig? Here are some ideas for what to do with your used K-Cups.

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