Quick Tip: Girl Scout Cookie Money

January 6, 2015

January through March is prime cookie sales time for Girl Scouts around the country. Keeping track of the money collected can be a chore, and sometimes worrisome for safety reasons. Here's an idea I picked up from a friend. It's a quick way to disguise your money box. Let's take look inside.

Simply cutting a piece from another box, tape or glue it to the inside of the box to separate the bills from the change. Feel free to reinforce the edges with additional clear tape, which will also prevent cardboard paper cuts.

This quick tip provides a way to keep your money camoflaged at the cookie sales table. Just remember NOT TO SELL IT -- ha, ha! If someone makes you an offer on this particular box, just tell them, "That will be one million dollars, please!"

Have you seen the Quick Change Worksheets yet? Snag them up by going here. 

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