Quick Tip: Get On Board with This Simple Chore Chart

January 27, 2015

Many moms, including me, have scoured the internet for that "perfect" chore chart. In fact, several people I know have an entire Pinterest board dedicated to the search. It's possible to find everything from clothes-pinned dollar bills on a string to complicated software programs designed to schedule each family member's tasks for the day. Every day. Color coded too. Here's how you can end the hunt for the ideal chore chart.

How about a chore chart that is simple, easy to use, and can be made in about five minutes? I hear that celebratory "YES!" I have a small whiteboard that is now displayed on the wall next to our kids' bathroom door within visual range from the kitchen. It's approximately 18"x22". I created rows and columns in black, then added the days of the week and tasks. I assigned tasks to each person in the family.

Now, you may be thinking, "That doesn't cover everything for OUR family." Well, maybe not, but that's why you can customize it for the needs of your household.

We don't typically pay an allowance because the tasks on this list are expected as a member of the home. It teaches our kids that you have to take care of what you have. Only additional projects, well within the ability of their ages, involve earning money.

How do you manage chores at your house? Please feel free to post a comment to share your ideas with other readers.

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