Hazel the Happenin' Witch

September 27, 2014

Typically I don't really get into the whole Halloween thing, but I thought this project was super cute. I attended a ladies' painting party at my church and created Hazel, a curiously fashionable witch. We began the evening with basic supplies and created a whimsical masterpiece, complete with party dress, glitter, and stylin' boots!

First, I started with a gradiant background of red, orange, and yellow. It was applied with a wide, flat brush, adding water as needed to blend the colors together.

Next, I traced the boots using a template, flipping it over to create the other side. I then freehanded the skirt and legs filled in with black acrylic paint.

The next steps involved decorating the skirt, stockings, and boots. My color choices were lime green, purple, teal, and orange using white for accents. To create style for Hazel, I added some fringe to the skirt. What witch likes glitter? This happenin' gal! For extra bling, she was treated to some glitter and glitter glue in silver, gold, and copper.

And...I couldn't forget her little creepy, crawly friend. This cute spider shows off her curly-Q legs, dangling from a stringy web.

Here's a completed Hazel all ready for Halloween. This super fun project was enjoyed with over 20 ladies, each with their own twist of creativity.

A very talented lady, here locally in South Carolina, hosts painting parties for a living. Check out pictures from some of her parties here. If you ever have a chance to attend a painting party, definitely do it. It's a fabulous way to express your imagination, hang out with friends, and eat some yummy refreshments!

Already been to a painting party? Feel free to share in a comment below about your project -- what was the project and how many attended? Want to post a picture? Visit my Facebook page to post a picture so other readers can see your creativity!

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