Curriculum Review: Dolphin Tale 2

September 15, 2014

With the release of Dolphin Tale 2 over the weekend, homeschool families can take advantage of a fabulous unit study that's absolutely FREE from our friends at Homeschool Movie Club

Let's take a look at the curriculum, including some activities that are sure to please you and the kids!

Dolphin Tale 2 is a must see for families with kids interested in ocean animals. My kids love this movie because it's based on real dolphins living at the Clearwater Marine Aquarium. Here is the trailer:

The Dolphin Tale 2 curriculum is a 5-lesson study that provides instruction and understanding about dolphins. It's structured with two components -- video and activities. The focus of the curriculum is on anatomy, behavior, and environment. The PDF lessons include activites for all ages, such as coloring pages, experiments, and role play.

Here are the topics and highlights of each lesson
(includes clip from activity pages):

Lesson 1 Topic - Dolphin anatomy
This lesson includes a project to make a tail.

Lesson 2 Topic - Dolphins' social life
Kids will enjoy a read-aloud story and coloring pages.

Lesson 3 - Where dolphins live
This lesson includes a mapping activity.

Lesson 4 Topic - About the aquarium
Test your drawing skills in this lesson. Remember that pesky pelican?

Lesson 5 - Dolphins and us
Pretend to be a veterinarian. How do we care for these animals?

The Dolphin Tale 2 curriculum is ideal for kids who love marine life. The combination of video with reading and fun activities, makes this a great addition to homeschool science. This has been a nice break from our routine to complete this curriculum unit study. My kids enjoyed it so much. We hope to actually visit the Clearwater Marine Aquarium sometime soon!

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