Fabulously Free Coffee Station

August 21, 2014

For months, I have looked at a drab, plain wall in my kitchen above my coffee station. There were two needs to address: storing my favorite mugs close by and displaying my K-cup options where I could see them. The goal was to accomplish this task without spending any money and with very little work. Here's what I did.

First, I selected the "right" pallet. We received several free pallets last fall after a local church held a pumpkin fundraiser. There was one in particular with a green tint. I knew immediately it needed to be in my kitchen. Leaving it to weather for a few months (okay, I just didn't get around to it...lol!), I decided to get started on my project.

The process was very simple. Using a jigsaw, I cut off three slats from the pallet, leaving the framing intact. I sanded the edges as well as the surface, which brought out the wood grain, maintaining the green color. Then, I found four ceiling hooks previously used to hang a pot rack over my countertop peninsula. These were perfect for hanging my coffee mugs. I discovered that K-cups fit perfectly between the pallet slats, saving me the time I would have spent drilling holes! Score!

Once my project was complete, properly anchoring it to the kitchen wall took some thinking. Initially, I placed three screws in the back and connected them with wire. My plan was to hang the cafe rack from two screws on the wall. Not confident that the cafe rack would stay level and in place, I decided to insert two screws straight through the front into studs. Now, it's not going anywhere.

Here's the finished look of my coffee station. I had already repurposed my son's changing table dresser into a kitchen storage cabinet, so I collected the many boxes of K-cups I have and put them in the top drawer. (Ask my husband; yes, I have a K-cup problem...ha...but I never pay more than 50 cents per cup!) My coffee station is complete with flavoring syrups and a bowl to recycle used K-cups. I met my goal of creating a great space with very little work and without spending a dime!

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