Part 2: Five More Ways to Reuse Mint Containers

July 16, 2014

Wait! Don't toss out those empty mint containers! They can be reused to make great projects. After having posted the first five ideas with great response, let's look at five more ways to repurpose these containers to make great things for your home and family.

Hardware Holder

A mint container, or a set of mint containers, can keep all your nails, screws, nuts, bolts, and other hardware neat and organized. To stack them, simply add some hook-and-loop dots to the tops and bottoms of the containers. This will keep them from falling off each other when stored. With a marker or label maker, write the contents on the side of the container so you know what's inside.

Toiletries Traveler

If you are going on a quick overnight trip, and prefer not to use the sample-sized toiletries in your hotel room, you can now take your own without taking large bottles with you. Add shampoo, conditioner, and lotion to mint containers which store compactly in your suitcase or bag. You may want to place them in a plastic zipper bag to guard against leaking.


This is a fun option for preschool aged children because you can use the mint containers as maracas for music and play time. You may choose to add handles made from wooden dowels. Inside the large opening, hammer a nail through the container into the end of the dowel. Add beans before gluing shut the container. Enlist the help of your little ones to decorate the completed maracas. Then, you are ready for fun!

Tooth Fairy Tote

Did your child ever place a tooth under their pillow and it got lost during the night? To keep it contained safely until the Tooth Fairy arrives, make a Tooth Fairy Tote. You may choose to insert some cotton inside so the tooth won't rattle during "the visit" and wake up your child. If you aren't into the Tooth Fairy thing, then it will serve nicely as a holder to save your child's baby teeth.

Change Purse

(Pictured Above) This is a great idea for little girls. You'll definitely want to share this one with friends and family. Begin by poking a hole on each side of the container, even with the large opening seam. The easiest way to do it is by using a hammer and a small nail. Cut a piece of craft wire, and make a loop at one end. Insert the wire into the container from the outside. Then, place some beads onto the wire. Leave about 1.5 inches to make another loop once you have pushed the end of the wire inside the container. Decorate the change purse any way you wish.

I hope you are inspired to try one of these projects. Save up several containers, and then take a couple hours on a Saturday to get crafty. Be sure to look for the third and last post providing ideas for mint containers. I hope you will pin these ideas to your Pinterest boards, as well as share with family and friends!

In case you missed Part 1, here it is!

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