DIY: Decorative Solar Light

September 18, 2013

It's been a beautiful day here in South Carolina. What better way to enjoy it than to be outside this evening, sitting on the porch sippin' sweet tea! When it gets dark, I'll also get to enjoy the glow from my new decorative solar light. The best part -- I didn't spend any money! Take a look at this easy project.
Those of us who enjoy outdoor activity probably have picked up a few (okay...a lot) of solar lights from the garden department of a local store. As I have discovered, the posts on these lights don't always make it. They get cracked and broken, leaving the tops with nothing on which to set them.
The best, and easiest solution I found was to grab a small, glass candleholder from my kitchen cabinet. With a little bit of E6000 adhesive, I was able to take the top of my solar light and make it something fabulous!
If you don't already have solar lights and candleholders sitting around your house, this project is very cheap to buy. Head out to the dollar store to pick up what you need for only about $2.00 plus tax. If you are shopping during the off-season, take a peek at the superstore's clearance section of the garden department.
Additional tip: This solar light would make a great centerpiece for an evening event, or other event with dim lighting. Surround it with a flower ring to coordinate with your theme. Buy enough for all your tables and enjoy the glow!

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