DIY: Earring Holder

July 17, 2013

 Would you like to find a way to display your earrings so you can see them more easily? If you're like me, then you lose them somewhere in your jewelry cabinet or bedside table. For only 25 cents, some spray paint, and left-over ribbon, I solved the problem.
My daughter and I went out on a Saturday to a church where they were having a yard sale to raise money for a mission trip. It was at the end, and they were getting ready to close it down. I came across this great pan, but I didn't really need it in my kitchen. However, I thought it would make a really great earring holder. I asked how much it was, and I bought it for only 25 cents!!
After taking it home, I cleaned it up and put a nice coat of green paint on the front and back. I didn't buy the paint since we usually have spray paint sitting around in the garage. Then I looked through my gift wrapping supplies to find a ribbon. The one I chose was sparkly and fun to make the holder "pop".
It took me a while to decide which side of the pan to make the "front", but obviously it needed to be the bottom of the pan to allow room for earring hooks. It also took a while to figure out the best way to string the ribbon through the holes and create a nice bow.
When I completed the holder, I was proud of the way it turned out. Since I only paid 25 cents for the pan, I was determined not to spend another dime on it. Sometimes the best, and easiest, projects are really cheap and turn out really great!

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