Pesky Fire Ants, Be Gone!

June 17, 2013

Nothing says summer in the south like a big pile of fire ants in your yard. What's worse than seeing them, is getting bitten by them. Ouch! I found out that I can take care of these pesky critters with an all-natural approach.

For fire ant hills around our house, I now use corn meal straight from the bag. It is much cheaper than chemicals, and I don't have to worry about kids or animals getting into it and getting sick. The first place I used it was in the cracks of our driveway. They seemed to disappear within a couple of days. I thought at first that they just moved, but it seems that they are just gone. Since then, I have used it in the yard with the same success.
I have seen other sources online talk about using self-rising flour or baking powder because it will bloat the ants, and kill them, when they eat it. While it may work, I didn't want to see pasty mess in the yard or on our driveway in the event of rain. Corn meal, since it is a little more coarse, doesn't get pasty and stays in place very well. In addition, baking powder is more expensive to buy than corn meal.
If you want a cheap, natural alternative to costly chemicals from the home improvement store, use corn meal. To increase its initial effectiveness, poke at the ant hill to get them going first. Then, put the corn meal on the hill. Please try it and let me know how it works for you by leaving a comment below this post.

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