DIY: Dry Erase Board

June 20, 2013

Need a place in the kitchen where you can write down reminders or phone messages so they are in plain view? Dry erase boards can be costly at the office supply store, and there is a limited size selection. There is no need to break the bank when you can make one yourself for very little money.

  • Inexpensive picture or poster frame, any size
  • Scrapbook paper, wrapping paper, or other paper of your choice
  • Glue or cartridge tape adhesive
  • Black dry erase marker
  • Hook-and-loop tape or adhesive magnets

The frame I chose was a simple 16" x 20" poster frame with plexiglass. It was about $6. I already had the other supplies at home, so that's the only thing I spent money on. After removing the 4-piece frame, I flipped over the provided picture. I could have tape directly onto the back side of this picture, however, I decided to save it for later.

My choice in paper came from our school colors of blue and yellow. I already had this scrapbook paper, however it is relatively inexpensive ($0.25 to $1.00 each) to buy at a craft store. The design of the blue framed paper helped me decide how to attach the cream-colored cardstock. It took four sheets of 8.5" x 11" cardstock (trimmed to 8" x 10") to cover the frame space. I centered the blue paper in the frame to give it a balanced look.
Variations: You may choose to use a sheet of wrapping paper, cut to 16" x 20", which would be very quick; or, you may choose a variety of papers using a grid pattern. Let your imagination run with this project. Just be sure that the background is not too busy to see what you write on the board.
My next step is to remove the plastic film from the plexiglass before putting the frame back together. I attached a black dry erase marker to the board with hook-and-loop dots. I found a set of markers with erasers on the caps at the dollar store.

When I finished putting everything back together, it looked great. I created my own customized 16" x 20" dry erase board for about $7 plus tax. It can hang it either vertically or horizontally. Now I can organize the space next to our wall phone in the kitchen. (Yes, we still have one -- lol!)
Additional Notes: Only use a black dry erase marker on plexiglass as other colors may stain. In the event of a stain, use Shout spray to remove it. Do NOT use a magic eraser to clean your board as it will scratch the surface of the plexiglass.
Have fun doing this project! Please leave me a comment to let me know what size you created and what paper you used. If you would like to submit pictures, please feel free to post them on my Facebook page.

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