Product Review: Spelling City

May 17, 2013

Are you looking for a way to help your kids learn their spelling and vocabulary words? Are you looking for something that will be fun for them including games, puzzles, and more? Here is a great option for your family. Keep them learning through the summer and equip them to get a great start to the next school year!

We have been using Spelling City for about 10 weeks, and my kids really enjoy it. For now, and for the purposes of this review, we have been using the free membership. To begin using Spelling City, a parent or teacher can create word lists from which a student can select an activity. There are activities that can be completed online, as well as activities which can be printed. Those are indicated by the small printer icon at the bottom right of each applicable activity option. 
My daughter's favorite is Mount Spellmore in the Test-N-Teach category. Both of my kids enjoy the Word Search and Alphabetize activities. These activities are effective in preparing them for their weekly spelling test.
My least favorite activity for younger students is Hang Mouse. The reason is that when a spelling list contains several words with the same letter count, it is very difficult for a student to figure out which word is correct, especially given the 8 guess limit.
An activity I enjoy is Handwriting because I can reinforce spelling and handwriting simultaneously. A parent or teacher can select one of four handwriting styles, as well as font size. I do not utilize the Arrows, Case, or Alignment options.
Here are a couple more screen shots of free activities: Missing Letter and Word Unscramble. These activities are fun, and easy to use for younger students.

The free membership excludes the ability to set up student profiles, so my kids simply use my profile spelling lists for now. Periodically, Spelling City provides a sneak-peek at the premium membership activities. At the time if this review, the Crossword activity is available to us. We plan to upgrade to the premium version in the fall because it adds several more options, and you can set up student profiles to track individual progress. I believe that the $29.99 premier membership is definitely worth the investment and provides complete access to all activities for up to five students.

To make learning fun for your kids, I hope you will consider Spelling City. If you have used Spelling City, or decide to use Spelling City as a result of this review, please leave a comment below.

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  1. Good review, Thanks. Most kids love Hangmouse so it's interesting to see someone who doesn't. Did you try Read-A-Word?

    One more note. There's many free teacher resources to consider such as analogies, compound words, syllables, and so on.

    1. Thanks for your feedback to my review. We tried and used several things in Spelling City, including Read-A-Word. The activities mentioned are what stood out to us.


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