Quick Tip: Prevent A Sprinkle Blizzard

May 18, 2013

How do you prevent a "sprinkle blizzard" in your kitchen? First, it's helpful to know what it is...ha, ha! If you have ever purchased a large container of sprinkles, you may know what I mean. Most smaller containers of sprinkles, have shaker holes in the top. However, the larger containers are open-topped and have the potential to create a huge mess.
There is no need to remove the plastic covering entirely. Simply cut a small hole in the plastic. You could cut a small hole in the lid, however, the sprinkles will remain exposed. They may go bad, be subject to critters, or get dumped out while stored. If you don't have an alternative shaker-type container to transfer the sprinkles into, this solution is easy, quick, and free.

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