Organizing Your Summer Schedule

May 29, 2013

Once the kids are out of school, parents begin the planning for their kids' summer activities. Sometimes it's difficult to keep up with day camps, vacation bible school, sporting events, and memberships. Here is a great way to stay organized this summer.

I have posted a brand new printable called the Summer Activity Schedule. You can fill in the year at the top if you want to keep the sheets from one year to the next. A year from now, there's no need to remember what happened if you keep the schedule in a 3-ring binder. You may choose to write some notes on the back of the page so you can remind yourself of whether or not to schedule the same activity again.
This schedule conveniently provides room for multiple activities for one child, or can be used to organize multiple activities for multiple children. Keep track of the location, dates, times, registration deadlines, contact information, and cost all on one page. Hang it on the refrigerator for easy viewing.
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