Quick Tip: Must-Haves for Summer Cooking

May 28, 2013

Since it usually stays in the 90's most of the summer here in South Carolina, I have established a routine when it comes to summer cooking that involves saving energy, saving effort, and keeping cool. Here are the three must-haves for my kitchen.

The first must-have is my toaster oven. It is the power house of cooking during the summer. Everything from toast to casseroles to cookies can be done in there. I try to only rarely use my oven during the hot season because my kitchen gets too hot, causing our air conditioning to work harder. Using my toaster oven keeps my utilities down and still gets the job done.

My next must-have is my crock pot. Much for the same reason as using the toaster oven, the crock pot also keeps me from having to heat my oven. In addition, in my humble opinion, slow cooking meat is soooo much better tasting. I can usually find great recipes on Pinterest for meat, as well as sides and desserts. An extra bonus for me is that I have two sizes of crock pots. The smaller one works well for dips and sauces.

My third and final must-have for summertime is my Magic Bullet. I liked it so well, I now have two of them. This is a great way to make milkshakes, smoothies, slushes, sauces, and chop nuts. I have even used it puree strawberries for jelly. A frozen beverage makes the kids happy after playing in the heat.

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