Quick Tip: Keeping It Sharp Without the Hassle

April 19, 2013

Do you or your kids ever get frustrated using this type of pencil sharpener? They are messy, and can possibly cause harm because of the exposed blade. The reason you can usually find these sharpeners in sets might be for goodie bags, but perhaps it is more because they don't stay sharp very long and are always getting lost. Here's a great tip to avoid the hassle of buying these pencil sharpeners.
Investing in a larger, more permanent pencil sharpener will save you time, effort, and money. It will save time because the sharpening barrel will sharpen your pencils quickly without breaking the lead. It will save effort for smaller hands because the hand crank is much easier to use than having to hold the sharpener and turn the pencil simultaneously. It is also less messy because the shavings are kept in the attached container. It will save money because you won't have to continue buying the cheap ones, only to end up finding them all over the house or classroom.
The sharpener shown in the picture to the right--> is what my kids use. It is portable and vacuum mounts to a any smooth surface. While I would not recommend attempting to vacuum mount it in a vertical position, you could mount it anywhere permanently with a few screws (not included in box). You can pick up a sharpener for around $10-12 dollars plus tax. To buy the same sharpener I discussed in this post, click on the picture.

Additional Note: The most important reason to avoid purchasing small sharpeners is due to the choking hazard. ALWAYS keep small school supplies away from babies and toddlers.

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