Earth Week Day 1: Getting The Family Involved

April 22, 2013

When considering whether or not to begin recycling in your home, it is more than just setting up bins in the garage. While it is not difficult to do, your effort to recycle will be more successful with this tip.

The most important tip to begin recycling is to get your family involved. Recycling is a lifestyle. It is a different method by which to eliminate trash from your home. It requires the participation of everyone in your household. Sit down with your spouse and/or children to discuss how and what you want to recycle.

Consider what your family consumes on a daily or weekly basis. Do you want to recycle plastic only, or do you want to include aluminum cans, glass, newspaper, etc.? If your family never drinks soda, then you will have no need to set up a recycling bin for cans. If you get the daily newspaper, then you will definitely want to set up a recycling bin for newspaper.

Once you have decided what to recycle, set up your recycle bins. There is no need to purchase fancy, expensive containers. You can simply use cardboard boxes lined with trash bags. Allow your children to decorate the boxes if they wish with markers or paint. Once a bin is filled up, tie up the trash bag and haul it away.

The goal when beginning to recycle is to keep it simple. The easier it is to do, the more support you will have from your family members. Also, when hosting an event or having overnight guests, be sure to clue them in on what you are doing. They will usually be glad to accommodate you if you let them know.

Please feel free to share how you began recycling, and how long it took for it to become a household habit.

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