Keeping Kids Away From A Hot Oven

March 18, 2013

Having small children in the kitchen can be dangerous in many ways. That's why we put special gadgets on our cabinet doors and drawers (so good that sometimes we can't even get in -- ha, ha!). But what do we do about our ovens? Most ranges come with a floor or wall mounting bracket to be installed which prevents tipping, but what about keeping them away when the oven is hot? Teaching your child to stay away from a hot oven is easier than you think using this simple tip.

Whenever you use the oven, turn on the light. Tell your kids that the oven cannot be touched when the light is on. If the oven light is off, then it is safe to go near it. Even after you have turned the oven off, keep the light on until the oven has cooled to room temperature.

If your oven light does not work, it's time for a little maintenance by replacing the bulb(s). If your oven does not have a light, or does not have a viewing window, you can make a simple two-sided sign like the one below.

One side tells your child to stay away, while the other tells your child it is safe to get close. If you want to print your own, click here. There are four pages in the PDF document -- two in English and two in Spanish. Once you print the pages of your choice, place them back-to-back to laminate them or put them in a page protector. Add a magnet strip to both sides of the sign, or you can purchase a magnet hook. This makes it convenient to attach it to the oven front.
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