Five Ways to Reuse Mint Containers: Part 1

March 4, 2013

After dinner, it's great to pop in a mint or a piece of chewing gum to help cleanse the pallet, as well as make us more tolerable to be around after eating spicy food. While sitting at the table in a restaurant recently, we began brainstorming ways we could reuse the containers in which the mints are packaged.

We bought mints which come in a small round plastic container. In some brands, there are two openings -- one that opens up the container half way, and the other that opens up to shake the mints out individually. This seemed like the perfect container to repurpose for additional uses.

Air Freshener

Making homemade air freshener is very easy. Simply combine 1/4 cup of baking soda with 15-20 drops of your favorite essential oil fragrance in a small bowl. Spoon the mixture into the mint container. After closing it, tap it gently to help the mixture settle to the large opening end. Attach a hook-and-loop dot to the back of it. Stick the completed air freshener in the location of your choice, then pop open the small opening to allow the scent to release. Every few days, remove the container for a quick shake to keep the scent fresh and stick it back on. The scent should last for approximately one month. Recycle the mixture as a cleaner by adding vinegar or lemon juice when the scent is gone. Make a refill and you're ready to go again. Note: You may want to glue shut the large opening to prevent powder from coming out through the cracks.

Barbie Shoe Holder

What parent of a young girl hasn't stepped on or vacuumed up a Barbie shoe on occasion? These tiny shoes get lost very easily until now. Enlist the help of your daughter or granddaughter to make a Barbie shoe holder. Decorate the mint container with ribbon, paint, or stickers to make it special. Be sure to label it so you know what's inside. You may choose to glue shut the small opening since you won't need it, but it isn't necessary.

First Aid Ice Pack

We keep several small ice packs in our freezer in the event of a boo-boo emergency. We call them "woo-woo's" and make the sound of an ambulance when we get them out. You can make one using the mint container. Start by gluing shut the large opening. The small opening is the perfect size for filling with water from the faucet. For extra measure, place it in a resealable zipper bag when using it.

Condiment Holder

For those who take their lunch to work, this will be beneficial for salads and sandwiches. I prefer not to have mayo on my sandwich until I actually eat it. So, using the mint container as a condiment holder is great. It's small enough to fit nicely in a lunch bag, box, or cooler. Kids will love it too, because they can easily have a snack of veggies and ranch on the go. Use the large opening for sauces, and the small opening to shake out dry seasoning mixtures. Write the contents on the container using a dry erase marker. Simply wipe it off when you get home, wash it, and it's ready for the next use.

Sewing Kit

Perfect for travel or to keep at work, making the mint container into a sewing kit will make repairs quick and easy. Add a couple needles, small amounts of thread in basic colors such as black, brown, tan, grey, and white. Throw in a few extra buttons, a small pair of cuticle scissors, and you're ready to go. Decorate it if you wish with some printed duct tape. When traveling, be sure to pack it in your suitcase, not your carry-on bag.

These are all fabulous ideas for reusing mint containers. It was fun to involve the kids in making these items. Please let me know which one is your favorite by leaving a comment below. Be sure to sign up to receive email updates.

Five MORE ways to reuse mint containers can be found here!

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