DIY: Dessert Platter with a View

March 8, 2013

If you love to entertain and want to create a great display platter that is versatile and inexpensive, this project is for you. It is very simple to make and takes only minutes to complete. Here are the instructions with pictures to make your very own dessert platter "with a view".

Supplies Needed:
  • Round, clear plate of your choice (found mine at a dollar store)
  • Canning jar with lid band (no lid necessary, just the band)
  • E6000 (or other permanent adhesive)
  • Decorations, as needed for desired occasion

Begin by protecting your work surface from any adhesive that may drip accidentally. Then, turn over the plate and glue the lid band to the center. You can probably eyeball the center without measuring, but if you want to be exact, a ruler and compass (to draw the circle for the lid band) should do the trick. Use a permanent adhesive such as E6000 to glue the lid band so you are able to wash it. Note: Do not use a hot glue gun because the finished platter will come apart over time. Allow the glue to dry overnight for best hold before use.

Variations for this project
You can make multiple platters with varying height canning jars. To make your platter even more versatile, you can glue on a second lid band in a different size. This will allow you to switch back and forth from a smaller/shorter jar to a larger/taller jar.
Implementing this project
For this project, I have provided two great ideas for how to use your new platter -- a beach theme and a coffee theme. In the beach theme, I put sand, an umbrella, and a seashell in the jar. In the coffee theme, I put coffee beans in the jar. My son loves Krispy Kreme cruller donuts, so I used them to stage the ideas. It is possible to host a brunch, luncheon, or other small gathering without breaking the bank. I have included some additional pictures of the table to show simple ways to decorate the around your platter.

Theme: Beach

Theme: Coffee

Additional tips
Remember to hand wash your platter. It is not dishwasher or oven safe. When storing multiple platters, remove the canning jars to stack them more efficiently in the cabinet. Since canning jars make great drinking glasses, you can store them separately with your regular dishes.

I hope you are inspired to take on this project. If you do, I'd love to see pictures. You can post them on the Practips Facebook page any time. Please feel free to post a comment below.

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