Money Tip: Showing Some Love

February 4, 2013

Valentine's Day can be a very expensive holiday with fancy dinners, expensive roses, cards, candy, and other gifts. It is definitely a holiday that brings out the Mars and Venus in all of us. The differences between men and women thrive during this season. One bottom line that we can all agree on is the need for love. Some people celebrate with a significant other, while others use Valentine's Day as a ladies night out. In whatever situation you find yourself this year, you can make it a great holiday without spending a fortune.

We plan to make the holiday special by having a candlelight dinner at home. With a great cut of steak, some veggies, and a great chocolate dessert all made at home, we can avoid the crowds and avoid the huge expense. Sharing in the preparation can bring you closer to the ones you love. Make it a great time of conversation and a great time to relax.

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