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February 11, 2013

Have you ever forgotten to send someone a card for their birthday, anniversary, or other holiday? With as busy as many of us are these days, it is becoming easier to let holidays slip by unnoticed. Here is a solution to help you remember the important days of your friends and family.

The Annual Greeting Card Reminder

Using the Annual Greeting Card Reminder

Fill in the year at the top right. Write down names of those to whom you want to send a greeting card. Then, write down their birthday and/or anniversary dates. The reminder also provides a list of additional holidays. Under each holiday, place a check mark in the first box if you want to send a card to this person on this holiday. You can easily keep track of all the holidays on which you plan to send a card to each person on your list. When you have sent a card, place a check mark in the second box under each holiday.

View and print this FREE printable by clicking in the image above. It is formatted to be three-hole punched if you want to print extra copies for a binder, which I recommend in the event you have more people to send cards to than this one page can contain.

Please feel free to pin this by clicking on the Pin It button under the image. If you grab this FREE printable, please leave a comment below.

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