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January 23, 2013

"Oh, no! You mean we forgot to bring our swimsuits?! Now we'll have to buy new ones so we can still go swimming in the hotel pool. But, wait, this is January!"

For those who want to stay organized while packing for a trip, a checklist is very beneficial to ensure that nothing gets left behind. Next time you are planning a trip, remember the Pack-a-Family Planner. Click on the picture below to view and print it!

There are two pages included with this FREE printable. The first page is a checklist for up to six family members. Clothing, toiletries, identification, monetary, and phone needs are included. The second page is a supplemental for traveling with pets (including vet/kennel information) and children, as well as a detailed checklist when traveling to a cabin or campground. At the bottom of this second page, there are extra spaces to add your own items.

The Pack-a-Family Planner is such a great way to plan and pack for your next vacation or weekend trip. Please share this with family and friends. Please leave a comment to let me know you grabbed a copy.

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