New FREE Printable: Electronics Inventory Sheet

January 2, 2013

Many families have experienced the burglary of their home. Electronics are some of the top items desired by criminals. Unfortunately, these items are not typically recovered because owners fail to keep an inventory including serial numbers. Receipts do not contain this information, but do provide insurance companies with the replacement cost.

Here is a simple, yet effective way to keep an inventory of all the electronics in your home -- the Electronics Inventory Sheet. Click on the picture to view and print this sheet. Write the description, model number, serial number, and the price for your televisions, audio/video equipment, gaming equipment, cell phones, tablets, etc. Keep this sheet under the silverware tray in your kitchen drawer in case you need it.
The best way to assist law enforcement with recovering stolen items is to keep good records. It will also help your insurance company file a claim on your behalf. Please share this with family and friends so they, too, can be prepared in the event of a burglary or other situation in which an inventory sheet would be beneficial.

You can find this, and other FREE printables by clicking on the "Printables" tab at the top of this page.

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