Money Monday: Hit the Gym?

January 7, 2013

Many people make losing weight a New Year's resolution, and almost immediately following their last bite of pumpkin pie, they get a health club membership.

Health clubs offer deals such as first month free, no processing fees, etc. However, just because you may find a great deal on a membership doesn't mean you should sign on the dotted line. Consider whether or not you will continue to use the membership after the resolution honeymoon is over. Many people continue to pay monthly for memberships years after they quit going, spending several hundred dollars at least.

If you are fully committed to joining a health club, and you know that you will continue long-term, that's wonderful! Jump in, and remember to get a great deal. Here's a few tips:

  • Always visit before joining and understand everything that's included with your membership
  • For parents, ask about child care. Get enough information about the caregivers to make you comfortable leaving your little ones with them.
  • Never commit to a contract. Many health clubs will allow you to pay month-to-month with a 30-day notice if you choose to cancel. Don't lock into a one or two year contract with no way out.
  • Never finance a health club membership. If you are unable to afford a membership, do not join a health club.
There are many ways you can reach your weight loss goals other than getting a health club membership. If accountability is what you need, talk to someone you know who works out and ask them to help you. Losing weight can begin by walking or running in a good pair of sneakers. No monthly payment required.

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