FREE Printable: Fitness Easy-Tracker

January 9, 2013

Since our theme this week is about the resolution to lose weight, what better way to provide help to those who are setting weight loss goals than to make a FREE printable available!

The Fitness Easy-Tracker is a simple way to track of your activities and the time you invested getting more healthy. This is set up for nine weeks. Give yourself either Saturday or Sunday off, keeping in mind that you need to invest at least 30 minutes each day in enough activity to make you sweat and raise your heart rate. 

I encourage you to consider exercise or activity as time invested, not time spent. Using the word "spent" is putting a negative spin on weight loss. Weight is not something that is taken away from us. We have to work hard to get rid of it. Using the word "invested" involves some personal responsibility and effort on our part to be successful at reaching our goals.

Click on the picture below to download the Fitness Easy-Tracker. Please feel free to share this free printable with family and friends, as well as leave a comment below to let me know if you plan to use it to reach your weight loss goals this year.

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