Top 5: Family's Coming? Be Ready!

December 11, 2012

Expecting out-of-town family members for the holidays? Sometimes the season can bring with it a little uneasiness or tension, especially if this is the only time of year your family gets together. If you have family staying at your house, here are my Top 5 ways to prepare for guests.

1. Toilet Paper Frenzy

You can never have enough toilet paper in your house. Eventually there will be an issue with a family member if there aren't lots of extra rolls sitting around. I remember an occasion when someone went out and bought toilet paper because they didn't know where we kept it. Now, I keep at least two additional rolls in each bathroom, located in plain sight where they cannot be missed.

2. Linens-N-Stuff

Be sure to have the sheets clean and on the bed. In addition, be sure to have different sheets than the last time your family visited. There are family members who have an excellent memory when it comes to their previous visits, and they will know if the same sheets are on the bed. Perhaps you can pick up some holiday-themed flannel sheets to show you're making extra effort to ensure a comfortable stay.

3. I Don't Like That Kind

If your crazy Aunt Ruth only likes a certain kind of coffee, make sure you have it ready for her. If your brother Bobby likes those funky, sweet flavored Pringles, pick him up a can. Since your relatives only visit once or twice a year, it's a great gesture to have some favorites ready for them when they arrive.

4. Make It Ahead

It's a good idea to plan and prepare some meals ahead of time. It will save you a lot of work when your family is there, and you will be able to relax and enjoy the holidays.

5. Be Flexible

No matter what happens when family visits you for the holidays, the most important thing to remember is be flexible. If your family decides to go to Waffle House for Christmas breakfast, rather than have your cooking, put on a smile and happily go with them. It's less work for you! Ha, ha!

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