Repurposed Glass Jar

December 15, 2012

Since the holidays are quite busy, there is very little time to take on a big do-it-yourself project. So, if you want to add soft lighting to your party, or make a quick gift, here's a great idea for repurposing a glass jar.

I almost always keep jars after the contents have been used up. Mayo and pickle jars work very well because of their size. The one I used in this picture is smaller...I think it once held jelly.

Simply add some colored glass pebbles, and then place a votive inside. Be sure to push the candle down enough for it to stay still. You may want to put the votive in another holder of some kind, then place it in the jar. For this project, I just placed the votive inside on its own. It eventually melted into the glass pebbles, but that's okay because it offers an interesting look. Later, I'll add another candle on top.

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