Money Monday: Try to Contain Yourself

December 31, 2012

Containers, containers, containers... Isn't that what everyone is looking for now that Christmas is over?

Getting all those decorations put away, and any new ones you've picked up at after-Christmas sales, may require you to purchase more containers. Many fall into the trap of spending more than necessary.

Consider the containers you already have, and whether or not you can eliminate a few things. Get rid of things you don't want, and then pack your decorations to effectively utilize the space. 

You may be tempted to buy containers specifically to hold ornaments, with those little sections to keep them separated. This type of container is very inefficient and takes up way too much space. Instead, get a roll of paper towels to wrap up each ornament. A small amount of cushion will be sufficient to prevent breakage, so long as the container you put them in won't get knocked over through the course of the next year. A single roll of paper towels will only run you around $1, as opposed to buying a special container for around $10.

If you must buy containers, always buy clear plastic and never cardboard. There are two very good reasons for this. First, you will always know what you have if you can see it. Second, your containers will not be damaged by water or critters. Another thing to remember if you are buying containers is to get the same kind you already have. I know people who have bought a variety of containers, only to find they are unable to be stacked together neatly. Then they are frustrated because of the money they spent.

These tips will help you prevent unnecessary spending, as well as help you understand what to buy (and why) if you do decide to buy containers this year.

Here is a question for you: 
Have you ever had a bad experience with a specific type of storage container?

Please share comments below this post. I am always interested in your stories.

Stop back by tomorrow for Tuesday's Top 5 when I provide information about the New Year's resolution to "get organized".

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