Money Monday: Homemade Christmas

December 10, 2012

Retailers reported lower than expected results from Black Friday. It reveals that Americans are still having a difficult time making ends meet. For some people, Christmas has become a monthly debt payment accumulating interest that may not be paid off until next Christmas.

You can avoid the money stress related to Christmas by making homemade gifts. There are many, many gift ideas you can find on blogs, Facebook, and especially Pinterest. If you choose one of these routes, be sure to view the comments associated with each post. Readers will provide additional insights to how well the ideas worked for them.

I love to make gifts using canning jars. It is so simple to make cookie or hot chocolate mix, house warming gifts, college care packages, and more! These are practical gifts that virtually everyone can use. The jars can be reused either as drinking glasses, or save them to do some canning next summer. You could also pay it forward by making a gift to pass along to someone else on their birthday or anniversary. There are several sizes of jars from which to choose. You can usually pick up a case of 12 jars from $8 - $18.

I also love to make gifts using Christmas ornaments. By simply purchasing a couple boxes of colored or clear balls, the gift ideas are endless. Most ornament gifts will be used just during the Christmas season, however I have seen brightly colored balls used for birthdays, weddings, Valentine's Day, and other holidays too! You can pick up a box of 12 ornaments for around $6-7 depending on the store.

Homemade gifts will help you keep out of debt this Christmas. When we learn to say "no" to accumulating debt while Christmas shopping, we can enjoy the season with our friends and family without the stress of knowing our credit card statement is coming in the mail. 

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