DIY Wednesday: My Christmas Mantel

December 5, 2012

We have two brick fireplaces in our house. The larger one in the living room we made improvements to this year. This is the first Christmas I actually have a mantel, so I was really excited about decorating it. I thought I would share it with you. Perhaps you will get some ideas for your mantel, or you can make suggestions to me for next Christmas.

I put these decorations together using things I already had, and a few things I bought this year. I spent around $30. Since we have many pine trees on our property, adding several pine cones to the mantel were literally "dirt" cheap. I already had the rectangle mirrors (previously gold, painted white), and they seem to be great additions to the overall look considering we have a vaulted ceiling in our living room.


Please feel free to share these pictures with family and friends, as well as on Pinterest.

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