DIY: Watching the Wind Blow

December 26, 2012

Kids are always curious about how things work, such as the wind. Even though we are unable to see the wind, we can see and feel the affects of it. Since my children and I were working through our seasons unit in science, we decided to make wind gauges. This is a great project you can do together on a weekend or during a holiday break.

We used K-cups in our project, but you could use small plastic drinking cups as well. Here are the tools you will need:

  • Small, plastic cups (2 needed per gauge)
  • Pencils with erasers on top (1 needed per gauge)
  • Straight drinking straws (1 needed per gauge)
  • Hammer
  • Small, flat head nails (1 needed per gauge)
  • Ruler
  • Adhesive (tape, dots, etc.)

Attach the straw to the pencil
Measure the straw to find the center and mark it. Use the hammer to tap the nail through the straw into the eraser and into the pencil. Be sure to leave enough room for the straw to spin freely on top of the pencil.

Attach the cups to the straw
You can use tape, adhesive dots, or your preferred method of sticking. We used double-sided adhesive squares. Attach two spares to each cup, placed in the center horizontally. Attach the cups facing away from each other so the wind can turn the gauge successfully.

Test the wind gauge
If the wind is blowing on the day you make the wind gauge, test it to make sure it works. You may need to adjust the nail in the event the gauge is unable to turn completely around on its own.

You're done!
This project is a great educational tool for your kids to understand how the wind works. They will get excited because it's a project they did themselves. 

We now have three wind gauges sitting outside by our walkway so we can watch them from inside the house whenever a storm comes, or it gets windy outside. I am a second generation weather junkie, so I love to watch storms. This project gave me the opportunity to teach my kids about weather, so hopefully they will become the third generation!

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  1. this looks fun! I pinned it and will try it. thanks!

  2. I love great weather activities with kids. It's good to get them outside in all kinds of weather. Thanks for sharing!

  3. This is a great idea! We actually just got a Keurig at our school and have been trying to find ways to recycle our k-cups!


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