DIY: Globe Turned Candleholder

December 12, 2012

We recently got a new pendant light globe for over the sink in our kitchen, to match the rest of the kitchen lighting. I didn't want to throw the old one away or yard sale it, so I decided to repurpose it as a candle holder. This is a simple project and will only take a few minutes to complete.

I found an inexpensive, glass candle holder at the dollar store which fit the hole in the globe perfectly. I chose to use E6000 adhesive because of its permanent hold. It needs to set up overnight to completely dry, however, it will not prevent you from finishing the project. Just remember to check the placement of the globe on the candle holder once you have added the details.
I dropped in some glass pebbles and a festive holiday votive candle, which I already had. I purchased two sprays of greenery and a string of pine garland to place around the finished candle holder. The total cost of this project was $4 plus tax, all purchased at the dollar store.
This project will bring new life to old globes you may have in the attic or garage. I chose to keep my candle holder clear, but you could also spray paint the glass any color you wish for a more dramatic look. Have fun trying this simple project. A few dollars and a few minutes can give you a great centerpiece for your table!

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