DIY: Shorten Your Blinds

November 13, 2012

When shopping for blinds, sometimes you are unable to find them to fit both vertically and horizontally. Usually when the width is right, we end up having a bunch of extra slats that sit at the bottom of the window. Well, if you have been frustrated with the idea of having to get them fixed, or think you have to hire someone to do it, here is a great tutorial for shortening your blinds yourself. You CAN do it! So, let's get started.

The first thing you want to do is determine how many slats need to be removed. The base will remain, so begin counting with the first slat up from the base. The space between slats should be the same when the blind is completely down. I removed 12 slats from mine, but your count may be different depending on the original length of the blind.

The next thing you want to do is take down the blind and place it on a flat surface so you can work. It is easier to manage if you pull the blind up so the slats are together before removing it from the window. Here are the tools you will need to shorten your blind: flat head screwdriver, small pliers (optional), and scissors.

There are three plugs on the bottom of the blind base which hold three main strings, as well as strings to hold the slats in place. Using a flat head screwdriver, pry the plugs from the holes (see Fig. 1). If you have them, pliers may be easier to use. Slide each plug up the string and cut off the knot. Once you have cut the knots, remove the plugs from the strings. You can now remove the base of the blind.
Figure 1
Figure 2
There are two strings which hold each slat in place (see Fig. 2). They are connected by threads. Cut the threads to remove a slat. Continue this process until you have removed the correct number of slats (see Fig. 3).Once you have removed the slats, now it's time to reattach the base. Feed the three main strings through the holes of the base (see Fig. 4).
Figure 3
Figure 4
Once you have reattached the base, let's get everything put back together. At this time, you want to cut the excess slat strings. Be sure to give yourself enough length to tuck them back into the holes of the base. Slide each plug back onto the strings from which they were removed (see Fig. 5). Tie new knots at the end of each string AFTER the plugs are on. Tuck the slat strings into the holes of the base, then push the plugs back into the base (see Fig. 6).
Figure 5
Figure 6
Now, you are ready to put your blind back up. Once it is hanging, let's take care of the pull strings. If you have them tied together, remove the knot. Let the blind all the way down. Adjust the strings so the blind hangs evenly from left to right. At this point, you may choose to cut the pull strings shorter, but definitely DO NOT cut them while the blind is up. Be sure the blind is all the way down or your strings will be too short. If you have plastic holders at the end of your pull strings, you will need to reattach them after cutting.

Here is what your blind should look like afterwards. My window looks much better than it did at the beginning. I encourage you to read through this tutorial before doing this project. Please feel free to print this post, and share it with friends and family.

Shortening your blind is easier than you might think. You CAN do it yourself! Good Luck!

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