Traveling with Kids for the Holidays?

November 16, 2012

If you are planning to travel with your children for the holidays, you know that sometimes it's difficult to keep them occupied. Sibling rivalry, potty breaks, and the question "are we there yet?" can make your drive seem to take an eternity.

Here are a couple tips for keeping your kids busy while you travel to and from your destination:

Trip Navigators
Print a copy of the route you plan to take. If you have a detailed map, including cities & towns, the kids can check mark, circle, highlight, etc. each place as you pass it. This will allow your kids to participate in getting the family down the road without asking that infamous question.

Travel Printables
I have posted a few travel printables to keep the kids entertained. They can search for type of vehicles, state license plates, and more. Click here to view the options (in the "Just for Kids" section).

What child doesn't like prizes? Most children love to get prizes, especially if they are elementary aged. I keep a bag of goodies in the van to reward good behavior such as word search books, travel games, activity books, dolls, cars just to name a few. These are things they have never seen before, and it's NOT CANDY. I don't want my kids to have the additional challenge to behave while on a sugar buzz. You may choose to give a prize at certain times during the trip: 100 miles, 2 hours, when we get to [name the city]. I usually switch things up to make it more fun.

By allowing your kids to participate during the trip, and providing special goodies just for them, your trip will go more smoothly and quietly. I'm always interested in hearing great ideas for traveling with kids. If you would like to share what you do, please feel free to comment.

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