Stay Safe on Black Friday

November 22, 2012

Many shoppers have planned weeks in advance for the big day -- Black Friday! Retailers have decided to stagger-start their sales to help shoppers go everywhere they can to spend money. This means that many seasoned Black Friday veterans will shop for an entire 24-hour period. If that sounds crazy to you, be prepared for stories in the news. Here are some ways YOU can stay out of the news and keep yourself safe and secure on this biggest shopping day of the year.
Do not take your purse with you. Keep it locked in the car out of sight, or just leave it at home. Carry your cash, debit card, and driver's license in the FRONT pocket of your pants.

Stay hydrated. It is a good idea to bring along a few bottles of water to keep in the car in case you get thirsty between stores. Don't drink too much caffeine without eating. You may end up meeting two friends: Shaky and Cranky.

Wear layers. If you plan to stand in line outside, dress in warm layers. Later on during your adventure, you may get too warm. It's much better to have layers to remove than to be hot the entire trip.

Make sure your phone is charged. Since you may be spending a lot of time away from home and/or car, it's a good idea to keep your phone handy to let your loved ones know where you are or in case of emergency.

Stop talking and texting while shopping. This may seem contradictory to the previous tip, but this is regarding manners. Nothing frustrates retailers more than people who won't get off their phone while checking out. Also, staying off the phone will keep you safe because you will be less distracted. That TV you had to have may grow legs if you're not paying attention.

Know when to stop. I never recommend anyone go into debt for Christmas shopping. If you have a budget for shopping, STICK TO IT! You will regret any overspending you do when you get your statement in the mail.
Using these tips will keep you safe and secure during Black Friday shopping. Please share these important tips with family and friends. Friends don't let friends show up in the news on Monday morning!

Thanks for following Practips!

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