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November 1, 2012

If not using right away,
freeze it until ready to use!
Sometimes when I go into the grocery store, I end up in a conversation with other shoppers or employees about saving money and how to get great deals. Yesterday was no exception. 

I went to my local mom & pop grocery store that just recently started doubling coupons up to $0.99. I had some great coupons to use, and I also wanted to buy some juice, for which I had no coupon. I began looking at the less-than-popular brands of less-than-popular flavors and I made a discovery. They had bottles of juice that were expired. I found two bottles of cranberry-apple juice that had the date 10/19/2012. Before you say "yuck", I didn't buy those. However, I decided to talk to a manager.

I asked the manager if they had a policy on discounting expired products. To my amazement, they did! If products have expired within the last couple of days, they will discount 50%. This is huge! Products like juice are sometimes cost-prohibitive, even with a coupon. But, getting juice for half off is a great find if you can take the time to look.

I found a bottle of apricot nectar normally priced at $2.49 for 46 ounces. It expired the day before yesterday, so I got it for only $1.25. While to some it may not seem like a big deal, it is to me because I had my kids with me. They get to see how to save money when they are young, so maybe they will be equipped to handle their finances well as adults.

I haven't tried this at the superstore yet, but I think I'll stick with the mom & pop stores. They appreciate local support, and I appreciate the discount!

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  1. Thanks for the tips! This is great for people who have limited budget. I also like to add checking out first these products are not in the recalled list of the FDA to avoid buying them.


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