Be a Sneaky Santa!

November 7, 2012

by Monica Jones

Christmas Day is not far away and you may start feeling overwhelmed by what to buy and how much to spend. Instead of blowing your budget buying for everyone, how about making Christmas extra fun this year by doing a Secret Santa. You can do this for the family, girlfriends, or even the office!  Here are a few tips on getting Secret Santa started for your group.

1. Choose a fun, free online service like Sneaky Santa. This site allows you to create groups, create wish lists, add pictures and even send sneaky messages. Each person can pick a fake nickname if they want to really keep it secret!

2. Choose a spending limit for the group.  Some people are more frugal-minded and like to know the limit to spend, while others are so excited they might go overboard! So to be fair for everyone, a spending limit is a good idea.

3. Pick a date to select your secret Santa, whether it’s from a hat or a service like Sneaky Santa.  If you're getting together before Christmas, select your date and let everyone know ASAP so they're not running around the night before purchasing things that aren't on their secret Santa's list!

4. Set a deadline for purchases. If a gift needs to be mailed, it can be received in time for your get-together, or at least for the most fun day of the year- Christmas!

5. Decide whether or not to put the kids’ names in the name drawing. In these frugal times, it may suit your family or group to add the kids to the list. More names on the list means more surprise as to who has your name. You can also decide to have just the adults in the group. Some groups draw the adult names only and then everybody buys for the kids.

If you want to make it easy and do it all online, check out Sneaky Santa to see all the fun and memories you can make! You are able to create groups and wish lists, add pictures, and send anonymous "sneaky messages". Have fun this Christmas, whether you live close to your family and friends, or if they are all far away. At least you can have this fun connection during the holidays! Merry Christmas to all!

Monica Jones is the Marketing Director for the online secret Santa service, She is also a budget conscious homeschooling mom who is always looking for ways to save money, giving God the glory in all her endeavors. You can also find Sneaky Santa on Facebook and Twitter. 

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