Shovel in a Great Fall Craft

October 21, 2012

I'm always on the look out for seasonal clearance when I go shopping at superstores and home improvement stores. Now that summer is over, some stores still have garden supplies. Last week, I was able to pick up several kids' plastic shovels. They were $0.99 each, and I also picked up three cans of cheap, gloss spray paint. The colors I chose were white, yellow, and orange.

I host a monthly get-together of homeschool moms in the area, and we used the shovels to make a simple fall craft project. First, we spray painted the shovels in the colors of candy corn. It didn't turn out quite like I thought because the yellow paint didn't spray out as well as the orange and white. But, we made due, and we moved on to the next step.

After the paint was dry, we added silk flowers in red and yellow. We cut off stems from a larger bunch and wrapped them around the handle. For extra measure, we hot glued the flowers so they would stay in place.

The final step was to add foam adhesive leaves for a fun, whimsical appearance. Some moms left them off for a more elegant look. Either way looks great!

For a total of around $2, we took these clearance priced, end of season shovels and turned them into wonderful fall decorations. They can very easily be used to create decorations for every season: Christmas, Valentine's Day, Easter, or Independence Day just to name a few.

Just for fun, I'm interested in your vote for which fall shovel you like the best. Choose number one or number two from the pictures below. Please leave a comment below this post with your vote.


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