For Best Results, Shoot Here

October 20, 2012

When visiting a miniature golf course with my children last week, I saw an interesting sign. We were at one of the holes where you have two options for putting the ball down to a lower level. One option was on the smooth green, and the other was down a rocky stream. The sign was located at the opening to the rocky stream. It read:

"For Best Results, Shoot Here"

In that moment, I realized a real-life application for this statement. Sometimes we look for the easy way out of difficult situations. We want a nice, smooth green to walk on through life, and don't want to get our feet wet or run the risk that something may be uncomfortable.

Sometimes God asks us to walk through tough times. Not to harm us, but to build us grow make us better. If we always look for the easy way out, we may never discover His "best results" for us. Yes, life can be difficult. God never promised us that life would be easy. He has promised that he will never leave us alone on the journey.

While I am unsure of why this came to mind during a playful time with my kids, maybe this can be used to encourage someone. This blog is intended for providing practical tips on a number of topics, usually focused on saving time and money. However, since we also share helpful information for the family, I thought I would share this with you.

**Update (February 24, 2013): I didn't realize the significance of this sign at the time, but since it has proven to be an asset to my mind and heart. It continues to remind me that there is a reason for every difficult situation in life. We have experienced a rocky road in our family for the last couple of years, but I know that God is with us and I am thankful He already knows the future before we get there.

Thanks for following Practips!

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