Door Knob: What's THAT Part For?

October 29, 2012

Have you ever notice the extra part on the bolting mechanism of your door knob and wondered why it's there? Understanding the functionality of your door knob parts will help to keep your home more secure.

The extra part is called the small bolt. When it is pushed in, the large bolt cannot be pushed in. How does this help you? When your door is closed, no one can slip in an object, such as a credit card or screwdriver, to open the door.

Here is what I recommend. Play the part of a burglar and test your door knob. No, you don’t have to dress in black, unless you really want to…lol! See if you can open your door without turning the knob. If you are successful, then the small bolt was not pushed in properly. To correct it, you may need to adjust the strike plate in your door jamb.

If you were not successful in an attempt to open your door, either the small bolt is pushed in, or perhaps your bolting mechanism has been reversed. Either way, your door knob is functioning properly.

It is important to understand that the small bolt being pushed in will not prevent someone from breaking into your house. However, it will make it a little tougher if someone is trying to go unnoticed.

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