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September 4, 2012

You get your electric bill in the mail, but you dread opening it up for fear it's gone up...AGAIN. You wish you could know how much electricity your home is using during the billing cycle so you can make adjustments if necessary. But how? Check out!

Get an email every day letting you know exactly how many kilowatt hours you are using. You may also choose one of the following notification options: receive a text message on your cell phone, load the MyUsage smartphone app (available in the iPhone App Store), or monitor your usage via Facebook. It is so convenient to use and requires no action on your part, other than registering for a "Usage Monitor Account".

The graph below is an example of what you will receive, providing you with recent history by date. In this example, you will see that the homeowner's usage is trending downward slightly during the 14-day period (8/6-8/20). Weather may affect your consumption depending on your thermostat settings during extreme hot and cold temperatures.

Currently, there are 67 utilities in 15 states participating in this program. Several of these utility companies have performed customer satisfaction and metrics, and have found that users of the monitoring program are conserving 10-15% per month.1
If your utility company does not participate in this particular program, check to see if they provide something similar on their website. Many will use a utility monitoring program to reduce their "carbon footprint". However, our purpose is solely for saving money. Using this program is a great way to have control over utility spending.

If you currently use or begin using a utility monitoring program, please feel free to post a comment sharing your experience and/or savings.

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1 Information obtained from Exceleron Software, the company providing prepaid services and usage monitoring services to customers of electric, water, and gas utility companies.

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