Prices Going Up?

September 26, 2012

Are you watching the prices when you grocery shop? Have you noticed a steady increase in the cost of almost everything at the store? If you have yet to enter the world of couponing, now is the time. With manufacturers offering printable coupons on their website or Facebook pages, it is very easy to obtain them -- even if you don't get the Sunday newspaper. Click on the "Coupons" tab to see what is currently available.

In addition to couponing, here are a few tips for saving money at the store.
  • When grocery shopping, consider bypassing superstores. While they may have "everything", you'll end up spending way more than you anticipated. You can usually find cheaper prices at grocery stores that double coupons.
  • When shopping for meat, go early Monday morning if possible. This is prime time for discounted meats that are approaching their expiration dates. You may still find deals later in the day if you look thoroughly. Remember, the early bird gets the T-bone!
  • When shopping for packaged vegetables, shop the frozen section. You will get a larger quantity for much cheaper than the canned equivalent. And, the vegetables are less processed when frozen.
Most households are still feeling the squeeze of the sluggish economy. We certainly are. These tips are common practice for us when we grocery shop. Every little bit helps. I hope you will find these tips helpful the next time you shop!

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