Checking Your Computer Before Monday

July 6, 2012

You may have heard in the news about the DNS changer malware virus scheduled to hit on Monday July 9th. There is an official website setup by the FBI regarding this threat - If you are interested in all the details, you may read the articles provided on their website.

If you have never heard about this internet problem, or if understanding "tech-talk" is a challenge, no worries. You can bust through all the technical talk by following these simple instructions to see if you are affected.

To verify if your computer has been infected follow this link to test -  You should see the following page:

Due to the amount of traffic to this web page you may time-out the first couple of tries, however this does not mean you are infected.  If your computer IS infected, the above image will be red with updated text. Follow the instructions provided to correct your computer to prevent outage on Monday.

A special thank you to the IT Manager at my husband's company for making this easy to understand, without needing to know technical language.

Please share this with family and friends because it may affect them. This check-up will help you, and them, stay online.

Thanks for following Practips!


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