Can Cast Iron Break Your Stove Top?

July 13, 2012

Does the image of using a cast iron skillet on your smooth top stove scare you? Many people with this type of range run away from using cast iron for their cooking. They are afraid of breaking the surface. If you love cooking in cast iron, don't give up on it! Let's put your fears to rest by sharing a couple basic tips.

Two Hands Please
Moms tell their kids on a regular basis, "Use two hands to hold your cup, please". The same idea applies to handling cast iron. Because it's heavier than your other cookware, make sure to carry it and place it down with both hands. You will be less likely to drop your skillet onto the surface. As pictured above, most larger cast iron cookware will have two locations to hold them.

Do the Electric Slide
When you need to move your cast iron off the burner to cool down, there is no need to pick it up. You can slide it across the surface. This will also prevent breakage. Don't worry about the temperature of the skillet because there is usually some residual warmth on the entire surface from cooking on one burner.

The smooth surface stove tops are designed to withstand high temperatures and a certain amount of pressure (weight) without breaking. If you have refrained from cast iron cooking, remembering these basic tips will allow you to enjoy it once again!

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